Phoenix Foundation Overview

Phoenix Foundation is a leading Rehabilition Centre for Substance Abuse and Behavioural Addiction based in Hyderabad, India. Our Reliable and Effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery program is headed and supported by experienced Dedicated Therapists and by motivated staff with years of experience in treating addiction.

Our integrated Addiction Recovery program was designed under the auspices of the 12 step program approved by the World Health Organisation for Addiction Treatment. By working alongside patients and by taking a holistic approach to individual patient scenarios we help them with their physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual ailments towards Total Recovery.

At Phoenix Foundation we rehabilitate our clients with compassion, love, self-realisation along with the medical, psychological treatment and education they need to recover from the effects of addiction.

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10 things to stop doing if you love an Alcoholic

Those of us who live or have lived with active alcoholics or addicts find that we have been deeply affected by the experience.
1 hour ago

Detachment with Love

One of the great gifts of the addiction recovery movement is the concept of detachment with love.
2 hour ago


Our Integrated Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program was designed under the auspices of the 12 step program approved by the WHO (World Health Organisation) for Addiction Treatment with a holistic approach.

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Family Program

Our Family Program works in tandem with our Integrated Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program to help empower the client's family members to provide support to the client while in the treatment and thereafter.

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Built overlooking the historic Maula Ali Hillock, our facility is housed in a independent villa with an aesthetically landscaped garden that provides a intimate, serene and natural setting for comfort and introspection.

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