Family Program

Drug and Alcohol Addiction not only adversely affects the Addict but also their family. Drug abuse puts a lot of pressure on siblings, parents and grandparents and most importantly wife and children due to the behaviour of the addict. And more often than not the addict does not believe that they have an addiction problem so it's usually up to a family member to take the initial steps necessary to get their loved one into a Rehab. It may take a few members of the family coming together to have an intervention and confront a loved one about their alcohol or drug abuse.

Phoenix Foundation understands the importance of family's support in the treatment. We believe that Addiction is a Family Disease and it affects the entire family.

Therefore a special treatment program had been designed to help the family.

The highlights of the program include:

  1. Create awareness on the "Disease of Addiction" and help them to deal with their unhealthy emotions and stress.

  2. The importance of the family's involvement and cooperation in the treatment procedures.

  3. Involving the family in the therapeutic intervention sessions with the client in treatment.

  4. Counselling for personal issues and conflict resolution.

  5. Communication exercises between the Client and Family members.

  6. Family Participation in the Client's relapse prevention plan.

  7. Introduction to Al-anon Family Support Groups.

  8. Regular follow-up sessions at Phoenix for families along with the client on various aspects of Addiction and Recovery.